Tips in Buying the Best Coffee Grinder

People love drinking coffee and they get only the best coffee grinders. These grinders preserve the rich aroma and delightful flavor of the coffee beans during the grinding process. You have to have a basic knowledge about coffee grinders to be able to choose wisely when you go out to buy your own. These serve as a helpful guide in buying the best coffee grinder.

Type of Coffee Grinder
When buying a coffee grinder the foremost thing to consider is the type of the coffee grinder. Coffee grinder is of two types namely blade and burr grinders. They differ in the type of blade used in grinding coffee beans.

Blade Type
The blade grinders are the least expensive grinders. It employs a metal blade to cut up the beans. It needs close attention and control on how long it will run. The grounds produced might not be uniformly refined or not very consistent. Such inconsistency may result to poor brew quality.

The heat produced from the constant friction of the blades in operation has a significant effect also. If it overheats it can affect the quality of coffee. The coffee experts can distinctly taste the difference. Hence, the blade type is not really the best for espresso or coffee drinks. It is ideal for drip coffee and for basic home use only.

Burr Type
The Burr type does not chop up the beans but crush them between a grinding wheel and surface. It has grinding process that results to a less heat, which results in more flavor and aroma. The burr grinder has a variable setting for repositioning and regulating the ground size (fine or coarse). These grinders are more effective in providing very consistent grinds as compared to blade grinders.

Burr Grinder Types
There are two basic types of burr grinder, namely wheel and conical burr.

Wheel Burr
The wheel burr is less expensive. However, the wheel design has disadvantages. It spins very fast which in turn produce annoying noises. It also tends to be messy as one increases the speed of rotation.

Conical Burr
The conical burr is considered the best type but is more expensive. The burr rotates in a lower speed than the wheel design. Such slower rotation produces minimal noise and less mess. This burr type also will not clog up when use for oily or flavored coffee beans.

Settings of the Grinder
It is also necessary to consider the setting of the grinder mixer grinder when buying a coffee grinder. Choose one with many different grind settings for versatility. Such settings can be adjusted to different positions allowing you to produce grounds that range from fine to medium to coarse. It works very well in drip coffee maker, French press and espresso machine.

Maintenance or Ease of Cleaning
Also consider how easy and simple it is to clean the coffee machine. The best to choose is a grinder that has a removable grinding chamber. This design enables you to clean it easily using mild cleanser in a dishwasher. You should look also for a grinder that includes a cleaning brush. It is proper as well to select a grinder that does not produce a lot of mess during grinding process.


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